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Green question mark  What exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is an industry built out of necessity and has been made more popular as a result of Google. A search engine can be anything from Google, Yahoo, Bing or other platforms such as Amazon or Facebook. Most of the time we will be referring to Google. Optimisation is the process of making your website as effective as possible. Meaning it will rank higher in the searches

Green question mark Do You Manipulate Search Engines?

Nobody has control over the search engines (unless you work for Google, Bing or Yahoo)
What we do is follow the guidelines laid out by Goole and use our own knowledge in order to help you achieve better online rankings.

Green question mark Can You Guarantee the top spot?

Again the short answer is no. We will always try for the top and in most cases it is achievable but sometimes you have to be realistic. For the very competitive search terms, you will be competing with huge companies that will have invested £1,000.00s into SEO every year.
With that being said we will always give you help and advice on what search terms we would be able to achieve the top spots for.

Green question mark Does SEO Work

The short answer is yes if it has been developed properly. A good quality site that has been optimised will get higher rankings more traffic and better quality visitors resulting in more sales and conversations. SEO can work for large or small business.

Green question mark How Long Will It Take?

With all the variables within Bournemouth SEO and work involved this is a very hard question to answer. Once we know what you are looking to achieve and where your site is now we will try and give you a realistic timetable for reaching your objectives. The average project would see some movement in 3 – 6 months and should achieve its main objectives in 6 – 12 months.

Green question mark Does SEO Work For All Websites?

Most websites would benefit from an agencies SEO services. The exceptions are if your site has some sort of penalty, if this is the case we will be able to tell you what you can expect then work on an action plan with you.

Green question mark Do You Guarantee Success?

Yes, we can guarantee you will see higher rankings with our bespoke SEO packages. Search Engine Optimisation is a challenge that keeps on changing and few people if any know what the search engines are going to change next with the way that websites are ranked. This is why we never stop learning, when we are not working we are reading search engine news and blogs to keep on top of the latest developments.

Green question mark How Much Do You Charge?

That all depends on what you are looking to achieve. Every project we take on is different. This means we don’t have a one size fits all price. We manage projects of all different sizes and our fees start from £400. Get in touch and tell us what you want to achieve with your website and we will be able to give you the cost and timescales involved.

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